Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Wilson Family Photos

I took some family photos of the Wilsons while at the beach and they turned out awesome, here are some of my favorites.

Beach for the Fourth

We went and visited some friends at the beach on Fourth of July weekend and had a blast.

This bird was going in for the kill and I happened to click right when his beack touched the water, I got way lucky.

Bryce loves to play in the sand and he did not want to stop playing for me to take some pictures of him. This is the only picture on the beach of him looking at the camera. He was to entertained by sand and Kainoa. Here we have the lovely Emma dancing during her families beach show at Holden beach. Because they move so fast, not many pictured turned out well, so this was the best one.

Jason was so great with the kids, he held them the whole time while I just snapped away with the camera.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Large Family photos

It is always interesting to do large extended family photos, because no matter what, some people just don't want to be there, but all things considering I think that this family did a great job. The kids were running everywhere, but when I was able to get a shot, they looked great.