Thursday, July 21, 2011

30th Birthday Surprise!

On the fourteenth I turned the dreaded 30. As anxious as I was to be in my thirties, Jason made my weekend wonderful! On the actual day, we went to lunch as a family and then Jason and I watched True Grit after the kids went to sleep. The next day, I woke up with a note from Jason Saying happy birthday and my adventure began!

When I opened my note, it had two cordinates on it, I was given the first clue to an all day scavenger hunt. I could not figure out how to work the GPS so I called out friend Sabin and asked him for advice, he gave m e some hints on working the GPS, but I still couldn't do it, I called Jason and he said that the clouds were messing up the GPS, so he told me to follow our path in the woods to my first clue, he also told me to take Oliver with me, because he knew where to go. A quarter mile into the trail I found another blue not taped to a tree with a compass.

I have not used a compass in three years, so I was a bit rusty, I asked Jason for help again and he told me to look under a big rock, eventually I found the rock and my second clue, that hinted at a rusted mail box in the woods, there I found a bucket with a new shower head (my present) and another clue. It took me a little bit, but I figured that clue out and was sent to the library, to look for a car with a particular license plate at 11am. The car belonged to my friend Emma who took the kids and I out to lunch at a yummy Tai restaurant.

While there Jason sent me a video message on my phone telling me to tell my contact "The sun always shines brighter in the sun" then Emma gave me my next clue and the letter M. After lunch I was sent to Reedy Creek park to find the next clue on hole 14 of the disc golf course, I had the kids with me, I was wearing high heals and it started to rain. It was a lot of fun. Bryce insisted that we find a map and he led me around the paths and to our destination. He is such a smart kid.

In the next clue was a bar code looking drawing, after calling Emma for help I learned I needed to look at the clue from eye level and I read "Meet me at Bombay Cuisine at 5:30pm. How luck was I, Tai and Indian food in the same day. My Mom took my kids at 4pm and I got dressed up to go on a date. Yippee!

At the restaurant Jason gave me my last clue and letter, which allowed me to open my cryptex that he set up, the word was Amour (my love) When I opened it, I learned we were going to my dear friend Laurel's house after dinner. Dinner was great with wonderful company! When we got to Laurel,s I was walking up and heard all the little kids yelling, "she's here" I walk in the door and here "SURPRISE" Jason, Laurel and Emma put together a surprise party. I had inkilings something was going on, but nothing to this extent.

I have not had a birthday party in about 20 years and it meant the world to me. I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband, amazing family and friends to do this for me. Thank you to everyone, I had the best time ever!!!

The next day Jason took me to see Harry Potter and to Mexican Perfect end to a perfect weekend.

(The flowers and cupcake jar were from my family, they are beautiful, Jason frequently picks flowers for me in our field and he picked the orage flowers to compliment the ones my family bought.)