Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thoughts from 2 in the morning

I am now one day from when I delivered Bryce and feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted. Thrid trimester insomnia is in full force along with my contractions. As I was laying in bed letting my mind wander, I began to contemplate the miracle that is life and what we as mothers go through to bring the child here. If you have easy pregnancies or difficult ones, it is still an ordeal, but so worth it. It is hard to remember during the sleepless nights, but I want this baby boy more than anything and I want him to be healthy when he is born.

It is scary to think I will be responsible for three kids now, but I have always thrived in chaos so here's hoping I can handle it. One thing I do feel prepared for is a lack of sleep when he comes, because I already have that going on now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bryce's Swim Lessons

I signed Bryce up for 4 weeks of swim lessons, so he would be more self sufficient this summer at the pool. On Monday they had boat day and talked about boat safety and here are some of those pictures.

He has really enjoyed his lessons and we may do some more later this summer, but I am not deciding anything till Dean comes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Bennett

Robyn and Roy had their third baby at the end of February and his name is Bennett Sean Gallagher. It was an amazing experience being their at his birth. My Sister is an amazing woman and I am so proud of her. Here are some pictures of this little guy

Here he is 12 hours old

First family photo of 5

These posed pictures were taken when he was two and a half weeks old at Alena and Sean's house

Our Easter Sunday was extra special this year because Bennett was blessed. That makes a blessing on Christmas Day and Easter, we sure know how to time our blessings

Roy's Mother Maryke came in for the blessing and to meet her new grandson

Bryce snuck into the group picture, because he doesn't like to be left out

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Caylee Turned 2

Caylee turned 2 on March 18 and we had a family party at my parents house. It was a lot of fun, my Dad grilled burgers and hot dogs, we played wiffle ball, (which Bryce is now obsessed with) and opened presents and had cake that I made. Caylee is very much a princess, obsessed with shoes, bags, barbies, her blanket and babies. She is much girlier that I ever was. She is very vocal and has a huge vocabuary and is so dang cute that sometimes it is hard to scold her because she knows how to smile just right and make us laugh. I love her with all my heart and am so blessed to be her mother!

 My little angel!
 He looks like such a big boy in this picture, the time sure does fly
 Jason is a wonderful Father who is never afraid to get on the ground and play with the kids, I am very grateful for him.
 Mama made a birthday hat for Caylee

Tata's Funeral

On January 17 2012 my Grandfather Walter Hugo Canals passed away. He was very important to me and I still miss him, but I am at peace to know that he is out of pain. He was an amazing man who touched many lives.

Christmas 2011

I am very behind with updating this blog, but I have some time so here we go. Christmas was great this year, we had Christmas Eve at our house and on Christmas day, Sean and Alena blessed June and we took a family photo, which is the last pictures I ever took of Tata. It was a wonderful day!

 Sean and Alena's friends Erica and Nick joined us on Christmas as well, we had a great time with them and their little one Georgia