Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I have been a huge slacker in the blog department and decided it was time to get my butt back in gear, so here is the first Ten in a long while.
  2. There is nothing more precious in this world that hearing the squeel of delight from your little child. Caylee and I are playing and she just giggles and yells at the top of her lungs and I love it.
  3. Bryce woke up from his knap today and for the first time ever, told me about a dream. he said that a little booy and girl talked to him in his dream, but he could not remember what about.
  4. We tried to see if Bryce was ready to start Karate, and he is not. His Uncle would be his teacher, but Bryce was too distracted, we may try again in another year.
  5. We went camping at Lake Norman this weekend with my family, when we got there it was raining, in case you were wondering it is not the best time to set up a tent in the rain. Jason was a trooper and got things done super fast, I am lucky to have him around. We went out on the lake and had an awesome time on the boat. Bryce got to ride the tube with both his Dad and I, I was giggling like a school girl.
  6. My house is trashed! I am taking it one room at a time and it is slow going
  7. Business is picking up and I find I have a lot less free time, this is a good thing, but an adjustment.
  8. The pools are opening and Bryce is a happy camper. We will probably be at the pool four days a week this summer.
  9. Pre-school is out, I need to find things for the kids to do. Any ideas?
  10. Today is my Mom and Sisters birthday, Happy Birthday you guys, I LOVE YOU!
Not my best picture, but I still like it cause I am with my Sister

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lottie's Sigg's Birth Story

The pictures from Lottie's hospital time are up on my other blog, for anyone who would like to see them. I was very pleased with how they came out, she is a beautiful little angel.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animal Kingdom

Day three at the parks was Animal Kingdom
 Audrey was really scarred of this dinosaur, so she kept her eye on him the whole time.

 Bryce got to ride the river rafting ride twice, once with me and once with Jason, they are in the bottom of the picture.
 Bryce would not leave the fish

 Poor girl was super tired.
 Jason and I both wish we had my camera for these pictres because the gorillas were amazing. This silverback turned his head and cocked a smile for Jason's picture, he knows how to be a star.
This footage is of a fifteen month old female gorilla who weighs 16 punds, she is exactly the same size as Caylee but one month older, she was adorable and really playful.

Roy and Robyn took some more pictures at this park because our camera was being difficult, so I will have more pictures to post later from the Animal Kingdom.

Hollywood Studios

After the launch, we came home and got ready to go to Hollywood studios, it was a long day, but a good one.
 We got to the park and found out that the new Star Tours ride was doing a soft opening this week, which meant we got to ride it brand new. It was AMAZING! Bryce was screaming "WEEEEEE" the whole time. It was the same type of ride as the original Star Tours, but updated and in 3D as well. It was a great ride and we like our pictures that we got on the racer outside.

I am third in from the right.
At the Indiana Jones show, I got chose as an extra, which was really fun. I was told to represent the entire population of Cairo, LOL. WHen it was done Robyn told me, "Well at least you got to put some of your college education to use" Thank you UVSU Theater department!

 We were trying to watch the Pixar parade, but couldn't get a good view for Bryce, so we gave up after a couple of minutes.
 We went to a Disney Junior show which had four shows from the channel as puppets, one of which, was Little Einstien's, which is Bryce's favorite show. Through the whole show he kept asking Jason, when is Einsteins coming on. When they finally came on stage, Bryce stood up and screamed, but he forgot he had water in his mouth and spit all over everyone in front of him. It was a pretty good show and he was so happy, he had the biggest smile I had ever seen on the whole time.
 When we came out of Disney Junior, there were characters from Einstein's taking pictures Bryce yelled and booked it to them, ducking through the ropes and shoving people out of line, so that he could go give them a hug. We asked him to come wait in line and he did, but kept telling us the name os the characters, but half way in line, the characters left on break and Bryce tought the world was going to end, he was pretty unconsolable. Luckily Leo came out a couple of minutes later and he got a picture with him. While hugging Leo he asked "When can I see Quincy and June again" What a goof ball.

 All who know Bryce, knows that he gets distracted easily. Monday was a tough day for him. At the launch he was playing with his toy shuttle and walking at the same time and walked right into a car and smacked his head with the point of the rocket.(This was kind of my fault because I was not holding his hand) Then, in line at the Caspian attraction, he decided to run around and was looking at Jason and I and he ran headfirst into a pole. Then at dinner, he was crawling on a bench and chewing at the same time he kept crawling ev en though the bench ended and crashed his head on the marble table corner, then caught his fall with his head on cement. So that equals four head slams in one day, so we had to file a report with the park and take him to the Park nurse. She made him an ice pack and checked his eyes and behavior and gave us a sheet with what to watch for with a concussion. Luckily he was fine and was back to himself with a little more color to his forehead.
The Toy story ride was really cool, it was a target shooting game. Bryce's score was 3000, mine was 51,600 and Jason was the winner with 106,700.

Space Launch

When we arrived on Friday, we were excited to find out that the space ship Endeavour was going to have its final launch on Monday the 16th, so we decided to go. It meant that we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and sit around for three hours, but it was really cool.

 We watched the liftoff from Space view park and had a direct view to the shuttle, but it was a cloudy day, so we did not view it for that long.
 I bought Bryce a shirt with the mission logo on it, but it was an adult small, so he looks like he is in a dress.

It took thirty seconds for the sound of the launch to reach us, so the shuttle was gone by the time we heard it lift off, it was really interesting and cool to be a part of history.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Magic Kingdom Day 1

We had the best day at Magic Kingdom, it was the first of our five days at the park. Bryce and Caylee were amazing! There was no tantrums or whining. It turns out that Bryce loves roller coasters. He was exactly 40 inches tall and was able to do everything that we tried. Bryce carried a backpack the whole day and thought he was a big kid. (We used a camera that is a little busted, so if the pictures aren't fabulous, I apologize.)

Bryce was so excited to see Buzz and wanted a picture. It was not the best picture, I am hoping to get a better one at magic kingdom day 2.
Bryce couldn't fit in this very well.
At the beginning of our morning, Caylee was not feeling great in the morning, but she perked up at the park.

The woman to the right, would not get out of our way. Jason tried five different angles and she moved with each one. It was a bit ridiculous.
Audrey chilling in the jogger
Bryce is drinking his water from his backpack, he would not stop drinking all day, he had to go pee often
Roy made them go crazy fast.
Bryce can not make a strait face in a picture
The cuttest kid in the world

It started to rain while we were on Tom Sawyer's island, I took Caylee's shirt off to dry it after.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun Family Photos

It has been a while, but I just got some photos from a Lewis family photo shoot. I wanted to post some, I really like Bryce's picture.